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Closeup of 1 male and 2 female students collecting the plant contents of a biocube in the brush. Two others standing behind.

Collecting the Contents of the Cube

Getting it out. Find out how to collect all the living things from a biocube.

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Close-up of girl with white shirt and glasses looking at a catalog book of photos of plants and animals found in a biocube.

Building a Biocube Species List

Catalog the biodiversity you found in the biocube. Find out how to create a species list for what you discovered.

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medium shot of female student with a bee in her hand returning it to a wild area with green brush.

Returning the Specimens

Let your specimens go. Find out the responsible way to return living specimens to the wild.

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Closeup of girl’s hands holding a digital camera to take a photo of a insect in a small white plastic specimen container.

Photographing and Illustrating the Biocube Specimens

See how to use photographs and illustrations to document all the life you collected in the biocube.

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A Woman holding a meteorite in the Q?rius science education center.

What Is the Q?rius Experience?

Watch an introduction to Q?rius, The Coralyn W. Whitney Science Education Center at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History.

Helen James in striped shirt in front of display with bird bones.

Helen James - Meet the Scientist

Helen James is a Curator in the Division of Birds at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. Helen is an adventurer who explores Hawaiian caves in search of...

Four teenagers in red polo shirts stand at a table presenting a science project.

YES! Internship Program Graduation 2014

Watch the 2014 YES! teen interns present interactive science activities they developed.

Closeup of the hands of two girl students building a biocube outside in the field and trees.

Building a Biocube

Building the Cube: It's easy to build a biocube. Find out what materials you need and how to put one together.

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Closeup of the hands of students finding a spot to place a biocube in the wetlands water. Brush and other plants around it.

Selecting the Spot and Placing a Biocube

Selecting a spot is interesting. Find out how to choose your spot and deploy your biocube.

Learn more about how to use biocubes.

Brown tinted film shot of ash coming out of an erupting volcano. Dr. Elizabeth Cottrell is explaining volcanic ash is.

What Is Volcanic Ash, Anyway?

That's not smoke billowing skyward from many an erupting volcano, it's volcanic ash – and it's not like the ash in your fireplace. Learn how it forms, why scientists call...

Map of green continents on blue water showing locations of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, and  where tectonic plate are.

Plate Tectonics

See how mapping the location of volcanic eruptions and earthquakes can tell us where tectonic plate boundaries are. Dr. Elizabeth Cottrell explains how the plates interact...

Geologist Liz Cottrell in front of equipment in her lab used to recreate deep Earth conditions.

We Just Saw a Pile of Goop

Geologist Liz Cottrell shows how she simulates the conditions of the deep Earth in her lab. She describes the frustrations of failed experiments, which are a necessary...

Three people in white helmets and orange and black jumpsuits stand in a steaming, black landscape. A helicopter approaches.

Smithsonian's Nature of Science: Expedition to Arctic Volcanoes

Join geologist Dr. Elizabeth Cottrell as she explores the active volcanoes of Alaska's Western Aleutian Islands, searching for...

A girl with black hair, glasses, and a red polo shirt talks while standing in front of a projection screen.

YES! Intern Talk - ‘The Day I Was Left Alone in the Lab’

Areli, a high-school intern at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, discusses her experience and science stereotypes in this TED-Ed-style talk.


A girl with black hair, in a red shirt, standing and talking in front of a projection screen while holding a piece of paper.

YES! Intern Talk - ‘The Most Impactful Experience of My Life’

Camile, a high-school intern at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, shares how doing scientific research — and having a female scientist as a mentor —...

A girl with blondish-brown hair and a red shirt speaks in front of a project screen, which has a picture of a sea slug on it.

YES! Intern Talk - ‘First Attempt in Learning’

Emma, a high-school intern at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, discusses sea slugs and the role of failure in science in this TED-Ed-style talk.