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Smithsonian Science How Video Webcast: Volcanoes with Geologist Ben Andrews

WhenThursday, December 14, 2017 - 11:00am

Natural History Museum

Event Location

Online; Internet connection required




How Volcanic Eruptions Send Materials Up and Out

Meet Dr. Ben Andrews, a geologist at the National Museum of Natural History. He studies volcanoes to get a better understanding of how eruptions happen. What causes ash and other materials during violent "pyroclastic" eruptions to spew out the way they do? Take a journey with Ben to Guatemala to set up radio-triggered cameras along the mouth of a volcano and capture a time-series of volcanic activity. Reflect on the hazards scientists face in studying active volcanoes. Visit Ben's volcanology lab to see how he uses his simulator - a giant tank, talcum powder, lasers, and cameras - to model how erupted materials travel. Understand why research on volcanoes is important for our safety.

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