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Beyond the Exhibition: Objects of Wonder

WhenMonday, September 18, 2017 - 6:30pm

Natural History Museum

Event Location

Ground Floor, Q?rius Theater


Free, but registration is required. CLICK HERE to register.


Why do we collect things? Throughout human history, people have collected cowrie shells because of their exquisite beauty. The polished shells' diversity and intricate patterns make them truly objects of wonder. The shells have been used in ceremony and fortune telling, as ornamentation, currency, and status symbols, and as a model group for scientific study. Come see these shells and learn why they are so spectacularly colored, what they can teach us about biodiversity, rarity and value, and participate in testing your own perception of beauty. We will address the impacts, benefits and ethics of collecting animals from the wild, for study, collections, and appreciation of our natural world. Join Dr. Chris Meyer as he takes you on a 30 year journey pursuing cowrie shells all over the world. Learn how they have inspired his research and appreciation for the natural world.

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