About Badges

Have you earned a badge yet?

Q?rius is now offering a Hidden Worlds badge to recognize visitors’ deep engagement with the science practiced at the National Museum of Natural History. The Hidden Worlds theme refers to the many ways natural history science helps make the invisible visible; this can mean bringing the microscopic into view; finding patterns and connections that are usually hidden in our day to day lives; displaying large amounts of data; or documenting rare or hard to reach aspects of the natural world and humans’ interactions with it.

Earning the Hidden Worlds badge is fun. You can do it onsite at the museum or online by completing activities and earning stars. When you’ve accumulated 55 stars, you earn a badge.

Over time, the Q?rius team will be adding more activities and more badges both onsite and online.

What does the badge show evidence of?
Earning this badge means that the earner demonstrated curiosity and engaged with science content at
Q?rius or online at qrius.si.edu. Depending on the pathway the earner chose, this may mean that they identified tiny organisms that live on coral reefs or that they watched a distance learning video. The badge is not a certification of training or recognition of specific skills earned, but it is an acknowledgement of engagement with science content.