The Q?rius Website Is Moving

Like these Canada geese, content on the Q?rius website will be migrating to a new home. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service image.

In December, the museum’s website,, will get a new design. We will start moving sections of the Q?rius website in December, so when you click on some Q?rius links they will open up on the museum’s new, redesigned site. 

By February, most of the content from Q?rius will be available on the museum's new website, in the Education section. How will this change affect you? The new website will be easy to use on any size screen or device. It will have a modern look and all of the museum’s content will be on one website, which should allow you to find information more efficiently.

These changes should be automatic and seamless, but please contact us at with any questions you have.

-- The Q?rius Website Team