Q?rius Usage Terms

Q?rius is a free, non-commercial digital learning space designed by the Smithsonian Natural History Museum as a new way to connect science with everyday experiences. Its name was chosen for its power to inspire people with curiosity and excitement. Your use of Q?rius is subject to the following user rules and conditions. 

User Rules:  What To Do.


Enjoy Q?rius!  See the world through the eyes of naturalists and scientists.  Explore and share your expanding knowledge.

Play Nice.  Be polite and respectful in your comments.  The Smithsonian wants all people, no matter what their background or experience, to feel comfortable using Q?rius to explore and learn. 

Stay Relevant.  Q?rius is intended for students in grades 6 through 12 to engage with information about the natural world and scientific methods for developing knowledge.  Do not use Q?rius for other purposes.   Do not post comments that are off-topic. 

Allow Reuse. The Smithsonian may use your Field Book or other activity on Q?rius for any educational, promotional, or other standard museum purpose. 

Be Yourself.  Don’t create multiple accounts or pretend to be someone else.

Be Accountable.  You are solely responsible for your own activities on Q?rius. The Smithsonian may monitor your use of Q?rius and take down or not post your content or block your access if, in the Smithsonian’s sole judgment, your activity appears to violate these rules or otherwise disrupt network operations.  Misconduct that violates the law may also result in a fine or imprisonment.  The Smithsonian assumes no responsibility for your activities on Q?rius, for the posting of any content that violates these rules, or for any failure or delay to take down content that violates these rules or law.  If you have a complaint or comment about another user’s activity, contact qrius@si.edu

Keep up to date.  The Smithsonian is continuing to develop Q?rius.  If any new developments require updates to these rules, the Smithsonian will post the updates here. 


User Rules:  What Not To Do.

Don’t be rude.  Q?rius is not a space for abuse, bullying, curses, hate speech, threats, or vulgarity.

Don’t expect privacy.  The Smithsonian may monitor your use of Q?rius to better understand the site’s functionality, public interest, and compliance with these rules.  The Smithsonian may share this information as described in the Q?rius Frequently Asked Questions and the Smithsonian Privacy Policy.

Don’t post information that is private or personally identifiable to you, such as your name, address, email, phone, or other contact information.  Q?rius is not a social network. 

Don’t be creepy.  Don’t solicit or collect information about other users. 

Don’t violate law.  Don’t introduce viruses, worms, or other programs that could damage software, hardware, or other equipment.  Violators may be subject to criminal prosecution, imprisonment, or fine.


IN CONCLUSION:  The Smithsonian crafted these rules to create a safe learning environment for people in grades 6-12.  If you feel that you cannot follow these rules, Q?rius is not for you.  If you have any questions or comments, we’d love to hear from you.  Please email us at qrius@si.edu.