Q?rius Acknowledgments

Corayln Whitney, a blonde woman in a blue blazer, stands with hand on heart as two teens present her with a framed picture.

Coralyn Wright Whitney receives applause at the April 2015 dedication ceremony for Q?rius, The Coralyn W. Whitney Science Education Center. Smithsonian photo.

Q?rius is made possible through the generous support of:

Coralyn Wright Whitney

In April 2015, Q?rius was named The Coralyn W. Whitney Science Education Center, in honor of Dr. Coralyn Whitney. A long-time donor of the Museum, Dr. Whitney’s generous support ensures that the Center and its related programming continue to impact audiences for years to come. Through hands-on experiences with collection objects, collaborating with museum scientists or staff to solve a natural history mystery, or working with research-grade scientific equipment, Q?rius engages students in inquiry-based, team-oriented approaches that encourage them to become curious scientists themselves. The gift, the largest the Museum has received for education, reflects Whitney’s interest in passing on her abiding curiosity about the natural world, sparked by growing up in Florida and being fascinated by all that surrounded her.

As well as the following individuals and organizations:

The Congress of the United States

Margaret A. Cargill Foundation

Elizabeth and Whitney MacMillan

Barbara and Craig Barrett

The National Museum of Natural History Advisory Board 2012

FEI, Inc

Olympus Corporation

The Anders Foundation

Thomas W. Haas Foundation


Booz Allen Hamilton

Kathryn C. Vecellio

In recognition of the leadership and vision of:

Cristián Samper
Sant Director 2003-2012

The National Museum of Natural History
Advisory Board 2012
Bruce Babbitt • Peter Buck • Jane Buikstra
Michael Collins • Rita Colwell • Scott Edwards
Gabriela Febres-Cordero • John Fahey
Jonathan Fink • William Frist • Kathryn Fuller
Paula Kerger • David Koch • Jane Lubchenco
William Luers • Whitney MacMillan
Sandra Day O’Connor • Lisbet Rausing
Paul Risser • David Rubenstein • Jeremy Sabloff
John Sall • Roger Sant • Shirley Sherwood
Jorge Soberón • Marshall Turner