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Fossil of a spiral tooth whorl of an ancient shark on a brown rock that is on a gray background

Extinction Over Time

Updated 8/26/13
Three fossil human skulls lined up in a row that look suspended on a black background.

Human Evolution

Updated 8/20/13
Extreme close-up of a brown with white stripes Asian tiger mosquito feeding on someone's arm. The green background is blurred

Invasive Species

Updated 8/15/13
Close-up of gray meteorite reflected in the glass table it is sitting on. The background color is a red shaded gradient.

Meteorites: Messengers From Outer Space

Updated 8/8/13
Volcano erupting with lava streaming down the side. A forest is at its foot and the eruption is reflected in a dark lake.

When Volcanoes Erupt

Updated 1/31/13


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