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Smithsonian Science How

Two ways to connect your students with Smithsonian scientists – video webcasts and online text chats. A list of program features.

Bring a Smithsonian Scientist into your classroom with Smithsonian Science How! Choose from two types of free, interactive, live programs – video webcasts and online text chats – that take questions from your students.

Check out the Science How schedule to get started, or preview our formats by watching a program from our video webcast archives or reading a transcript from the online text chat archives.

Video Webcasts – These live, interactive, TV-style broadcasts will introduce your middle school students to science concepts and practices through the lens of Smithsonian research and experts. The shows air live twice each day, and provide opportunities for your students to interact via live polls and Q&A with the scientist. 

Online Text Chats – These interactive, text-based web chats feature scientists who have previously appeared on a Smithsonian Science How live webcast. The text chats do not have a live video component. The chats take place twice each day, and allow students to have conversations via text with scientists about their career pathways and research at the Museum.

Both program types feature the research and personalities of the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History, providing your students with positive STEM role models, information about science careers, and more! Smithsonian Science How delivers real-world science through free, live programs and teaching resources.

Thanks for making Smithsonian Science How an award-winning program! We were recognized by EdTech Digest as the winner of the 2015 Cool Tool Award in the “E-learning Solution” category and by the American Alliance of Museums with a 2015 MUSE award for Education and Outreach.


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