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A brown colored human skull from an excavation of historic St. Mary's City, Maryland sitting on a table with other bones.

Living and Dying in America

Video about the excavation of historic St. Mary's City, Maryland. Three rare, lead coffins are found, including those containing the remains of Philip Calvert and his wife...

A display showing skeletons of different sizes and how they grow to describe how anthropologists analyze human remains.

Skeleton Keys

Informational video about how human skeletons grow, reviewing characteristics that anthropologists use to analyze human remains. The emphasis is on centers of bone growth...

A wide shot of thousands of people in Times Square, New York City. Used to show that the DNA of all human are 99.9% alike.

One Species, Living Worldwide

The billions of human beings living today all belong to one species: Homo sapiens. As in all species, there is variation among individual human beings, from size...

Close-up shot of Dr. Doug Owsley of the National Museum of Natural History holding a African American skull found in Maryland

Shouldering the Load

A team of anthropologists, led by Dr. Doug Owsley of the National Museum of Natural History, uncover African American colonial remains in Maryland, including of a young...

Photo of a tan sculpted hominin face for the Human Origins exhibit by paleoartist John Gurche based on scientific data.

Paleoart: Gurche Reconstructions of Early Humans

Watch paleoartist John Gurche as he sculpts hominins for the Human Origins exhibit. See how he makes decisions about what hominins may have looked like, based on...

Photo of intern Leah Rand and Dr. Scott Wing of the Department of Paleobiology at NMNH out in a field for a fossil dig.

My First Fossil Expedition by Intern Leah Rand

Meet intern Leah Rand and listen to her experience as a Smithsonian intern in the Department of Paleobiology at the National Museum of Natural History.

Photo of Deb Hull-Walski in front of a cabinet of catalog type drawers discussing her education in history and archaeology.

Becoming a Museum Collections Manager

Find out how someone becomes a collections manager in a major museum. National...

Close-up photo of  a female member of the Human Origins Program team at the National Museum of Natural History.

Human Origins: Love My Job

Would you like to be an anthropologist? Members of the Human Origins Program team at the National Museum of Natural History describe what they do and how much they...

Close-up photo of a gold colored Possum skin cloak, Aboriginal Australian. From The U.S. Exploring Expedition of 1838-1842.

Adrienne Kaeppler- Collections of the U.S. Exploring Expedition

See the many, and one-of-a-kind, cultural objects found on the United States Exploring Expedition from 1838-1842. Narrated by anthropologist Dr. Adrienne Kaeppler. Video...

Photo of a gray pupae on a white background in the Butterfly Pavilion of NMNH as they wiggle during metamorphosis.

Wiggling Pupae

Watch pupae in the Butterfly Pavilion as they wiggle during metamorphosis. What do you think is going on in there? Video courtesy of Katie Velazco, Smithsonian.

Close-up photo of a beige colored Sphinx Moth on a dark background emerging from Pupae in the Butterfly Pavilion at NMNH.

Sphinx Moth Emerging from Pupae

Some behind the scenes moments in the Butterfly Pavilion lab and exhibit which are happening all the time yet rarely seen because they happen impromptu. Click the video...

Close-up photo of a group of about 15 black flesh eating beetles on the bones of a animal in the Osteology Laboratory at NMNH

Flesh Eating Beetles at the Smithsonian's Osteology Laboratory

From the field to museum collections is a specialized journey for a museum specimen. In this video, museum specialist John J. Ososky explains how he prepares animal...

Close-up photo of beige fossil of hatchling dinosaur on a red background (Nodosaurus sp.). Discovered in the United States.

What is it Like to Discover a New Dinosaur Species?

Amateur paleontologist Ray Sanford describes his remarkable find of the first fossil hatchling dinosaur ever discovered in the United States. While looking for tracks, he...

Close-up photo of green, red, and beige dinosaur tooth fossil, from a video by the National Museum of Natural History

How Paleontologists Identify Dinosaur Teeth

Paleontologist Dr. Matthew Carrano shows how dinosaur teeth can be identified. Different tooth shapes indicate different dinosaur diets. Video from the National Museum of...

Close up photo of tiger and horse skulls on a table, used to compare their teeth explain what extinct animals ate.

How Do We Know What Dinosaurs and other Extinct Animals Ate?

National Museum of Natural History scientist Dr. Nick Pyenson explains how paleontologists get information about what dinosaurs and other extinct animals ate. Comparing...

Close up photo of the hand of a scientist adjusting levers in the Curasub, a research submersible with robotic arms.

Summer in a Sub with Carole Baldwin

Smithsonian scientist Dr. Carole Baldwin gives a tour of the deep ocean from the Curasub, a research submersible with robotic arms that can pluck organisms from the sea...