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Teenage girl standing next to a large video screen, gesturing with one hand

Q?Crew Captain Talk - 'Bridging Boundaries'

Q?Crew Captain McKenna tells how, as a high school senior, she felt pressure to plan out her life and make choices -- such as whether to study science, or drama, or...

Teenage girl standing next to a large video screen

Q?Crew Captain Talk - 'Taking on Responsibility and Having a Voice'

Q?Crew Captain Niya describes how planning and coordinating a successful "Teen Takeover" event in Q?rius made her feel more responsible and independent.


A teenage boy stands next to a large video screen, speaking while gesturing with his hands.

Q?Crew Captain Talk - 'Working in a Microscopy Lab'

Q?Crew Captain Justin describes helping visitors in the Q?rius Collections Zone, and his subsequent internship in the museum's microscopy lab. He learned how to prepare...

Paleobiologist Conrad Labandeira holds and tilts a plant fossil with both hands while webcast host Maggy Benson looks on.

Fossil Forensics with Conrad Labandeira

In this video, paleobiologist Conrad Labandeira shows some of the leaf fossils he uses to study the deep history of plant-insect relationships. 

Butterfly Pavilion Manager Eric Wenzel standing in the Butterfly Pavilion at the Natural History Museum

Science Careers: Butterfly Pavilion Manager

Meet Eric Wenzel, Butterfly Pavilion Manager at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. In this video, Eric talks about...

Botanist Eric Schuettpelz holds a Lego model of a fern, while sitting at a table with webcast host Maggy Benson.

Ferns Webcast with Eric Schuettpelz

In this video, Botanist Eric Schuettpelz reveals the unique life cycles of ferns and highlights some of their adaptations.

A man against a black background, holding a skull of a tiny hominin found on the island of Flores, Indonesia.

Hobbits on Flores, Indonesia

A tiny hominin found in 2003 on the island of Flores, Indonesia shook up the world of paleoanthropology because of its age and appearance. The tiny adult skeleton was just...

Geologist Cari Corrigan and former collection manager Linda Welzenbach in white clean-room suits in the  Antarctic meteorite storage

Inside the Meteorite Clean Room at the Smithsonian

Don your clean-room clothing and take a glimpse into the Smithsonian's Antarctic meteorite storage facility in Suitland, Md., where the 15,000 Antarctic meteorites in the...

Woman in a teal blue shirt, looking left, and sitting in front of a background of large, green foliage.

Trap-Jaw Spiders Webcast with Hannah Wood

In this video, entomologist Dr. Hannah Wood explains how she studies tiny trap-jaw spiders, and how they hunt for prey.

A woman in a yellow shirt and a man in a plaid shirt sit at a table with antlers and other objects on it.

Marine Fossils and Extinction Webcast with Gene Hunt

In this video, paleontologist Dr. Gene Hunt explains how he uses fossils to study a marine extinction mystery.

A woman in a maroon shirt gestures while talking with a woman in a blue shirt. Behind her is some kind of work table.

Inside the Fossil Prep Lab with Michelle Pinsdorf

In this video, Smithsonian fossil preparator Michelle Pinsdorf demonstrates how she cleans and prepares fossils for study and display.

Torsten Dikow sitting at a table, gesturing at boxes of pinned fly specimens on the table. Host Maggy Benson is next to him.

Assassin Flies Webcast with Torsten Dikow

In this video, entomologist Torsten Dikow discusses the evolution, biodiversity, and behavior of assassin flies. 

Two women sitting at a table with large seashells and boxes of small snail shells on it.

Extinction of Freshwater Snails with Ellen Strong

In this video, zoologist Ellen Strong explains the roles freshwater snails play in ecosystems, and how human activities put them at risk. 

Maggy Benson holds up a model of a giant squid’s eye in front of her head, while zoologist Mike Vecchione sits next to her.

Octopods and Squids Webcast with Mike Vecchione

In this video, zoologist Dr. Mike Vecchione describes octopods and squids that have been discovered in the deep ocean, and the tools used to make deep-sea discoveries.

Thirty-five Years of Life, Death, and Fossilization in the Amboseli Ecosystem, Kenya

Short Lighting Talk by National Museum of Natural History paleontologist Dr. Kay Behrensmeyer, explaining her studies of fossilization or "taphonomy." She uses modern...

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