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Global Change Webcast with Brian Huber

Maggy Benson and paleobiologist Dr. Brian Huber at table with fossils, tools, and containers. Backdrop of mountain scene.
In this video, paleobiologist Dr. Brian Huber explains why tiny organisms called foraminifera are great indicators of changes in global environmental conditions.

Taking the Ocean's Temperature

Wide shot of the ocean with a sunset in the distance, seen from the front of a boat with a flotation ring in the foreground.
Learn how scientists measure the ocean's temperature at more than 3,000 locations worldwide, using a fleet of underwater "floats" called ARGO. At each spot, a float descends to about 2,000 meters...

Arctic Sea Ice Changes

A drawing showing Arctic ice change in white on a blue and green map of the world.Based on NOAA testing.
As Arctic temperatures rise, sea ice melts. Arctic sea ice is projected to decline dramatically over the 21st century, with little late summer sea ice remaining by the year 2100. The simulated 21st...


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