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Brian Huber's Research on Foraminifera

Closeup of a row of shells that Dr. Brian Huber is studying.
Snapshot of Dr. Brian Huber at work, studying foraminifera (forams). Brian explains how understanding past climate change, with forams as indicators, provides useful information for the future. Video...

Past and Present Climate Change Webcast with Scott Wing

Maggy Benson and paleobotanist Dr. Scott Wing at table with fossil plants. He is holding a mobile GPS device. Plant backdrop.
In this video, paleobotanist Dr. Scott Wing reveals evidence for changes in plant communities during a distinct global warming event about 56 million years ago.

Scott Wing Explaining the PETM

Closeup of Dr. Scott Wing in a purple shirt in front of outdoor stairs.
Dr. Scott Wing reveals the dramatic changes in vegetation that took place during the warming event called the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) that began 56 million years ago. He explains how...


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