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Tracking Human Influences Webcast with Torben Rick

Archaeologist Torben Rick
How did early Americans impact the coastal environment? Join archaeologist Torben Rick in analyzing evidence of human life on islands and coastlines. Look back over thousands of years of influence of...

Past and Present Climate Change Webcast with Scott Wing

Maggy Benson and paleobotanist Dr. Scott Wing at table with fossil plants. He is holding a mobile GPS device. Plant backdrop.
In this video, paleobotanist Dr. Scott Wing reveals evidence for changes in plant communities during a distinct global warming event about 56 million years ago.

Early Human Diets Webcast with Briana Pobiner

Maggy Benson and anthropologist Dr. Briana Pobiner at a table that has human fossils on it. Dr. Pobiner is holding a skull.
In this video, anthropologist Dr. Briana Pobiner explains how cut marks on animal bones reveal early human diets.

Arthropod Adaptations Webcast with Dan Babbitt

Dan Babbitt of the Insect Zoo and Maggy Benson at a table that has insects in containers. He is holding a jungle nymph insect
In this video, former O. Orkin Insect Zoo manager Dan Babbitt highlights the adaptations of insects and other arthropods.

Solving the Dinosaur Mystery Webcast with Kirk Johnson

A woman in a red shirt and man in a black shirt sitting at a table with plant and animal fossils. He is holding a fossil.
In this video, Dr. Kirk Johnson explains evidence for what happened during the mass extinction event 66 million years ago.


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