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Wiggling Pupae

Photo of a gray pupae on a white background in the Butterfly Pavilion of NMNH as they wiggle during metamorphosis.
Watch pupae in the Butterfly Pavilion as they wiggle during metamorphosis. What do you think is going on in there? Video courtesy of Katie Velazco, Smithsonian.

Arthropod Adaptations Webcast with Dan Babbitt

Dan Babbitt of the Insect Zoo and Maggy Benson at a table that has insects in containers. He is holding a jungle nymph insect
In this video, former O. Orkin Insect Zoo manager Dan Babbitt highlights the adaptations of insects and other arthropods.

Butterfly Pavilion Experience

Close-up photo of a black and blue colored butterfly in the Burtterfly Pavilion on the chest of a woman just below her chin.
The Pavilion is a warm, lush enclosure filled with beautiful flowering plants, in which visitors interact with hundreds of live butterflies, representing species from around the world. Video courtesy...

Sphinx Moth Emerging from Pupae

Close-up photo of a beige colored Sphinx Moth on a dark background emerging from Pupae in the Butterfly Pavilion at NMNH.
Some behind the scenes moments in the Butterfly Pavilion lab and exhibit which are happening all the time yet rarely seen because they happen impromptu. Click the video for a glimpses of eclosion (...


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