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Meteorite and Spacecraft Webcast with Tim McCoy

Maggy Benson and geologist Dr. Tim McCoy at a table that has meteorite fragments. He is holding a large one. A desert backdrop
In this video, Smithsonian geologist Dr. Tim McCoy discusses what meteorites can tell us about the formation of the solar system.

Inside the Meteorite Clean Room at the Smithsonian

Geologist Cari Corrigan and former collection manager Linda Welzenbach in white clean-room suits in the  Antarctic meteorite storage
Don your clean-room clothing and take a glimpse into the Smithsonian's Antarctic meteorite storage facility in Suitland, Md., where the 15,000 Antarctic meteorites in the national collection are kept...

Antarctic Meteorites Webcast with Cari Corrigan

Two women sit at a table with blue tablecloth, hammer, and rocks on it. The woman at right is wearing blue, latex gloves.
In this video, Smithsonian geologist Dr. Cari Corrigan explains what meteorites found in Antarctica reveal about the early solar system.


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