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Measuring Biodiversity Webcast with Chris Meyer- First Show

Smithsonian's Maggy Benson and Chris Meyer during the Measuring Biodiversity Webcast
This webcast aired April 10, 2104. Dr. Christopher Meyer is a marine biologist at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. Join him in peering into the diversity of life on coral reefs...

Deep Reefs Webcast with Carole Baldwin

Maggy Benson and invertebrate zoologist Dr. Carole Baldwin at table with jars of sea animal specimens. Backdrop of ocean fish
In this video, invertebrate zoologist Dr. Carole Baldwin talks about how she explores deep reefs.

Bird Extinction Webcast with Helen James

Maggy Benson and ornithologist Helen James at a table that has specimens and fossils of birds on it. A green plant backdrop.
In this video, ornithologist Dr. Helen James explains what prehistoric evidence can tell you about bird extinctions.

Ocean Biodiversity Webcast with Karen Osborn

Maggy Benson and zoologist Dr. Karen Osborn at table with marine invertebrates in containers. Backdrop is of ocean fish.
In this video, zoologist Dr. Karen Osborn explains how she discovers and names new species of marine invertebrates, such as acorn worms.

Census of Marine Life

Close-up of a orange and yellow sea creature with tentacles in a dark ocean background.
During ten years of intensive research, the Census of Marine Life conducted the most comprehensive inventory of life in the ocean to date. Marine life was documented in twenty-five key ocean areas...

Meet Smithsonian scientist Justin Touchon

Close-up of a yellow and green frog on a black background at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama.
Meet Smithsonian scientist Justin Touchon, a National Science Foundation (NSF) postdoctoral researcher at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama. Justin's work focuses on developmental...

Botanical Biodiversity: Smithsonian Scientist Helene Muller-Landau

Smithsonian Tropical Research Center Botanist, Helene Muller Landau, in front of  green plants talking about forests.
What determines the variety of trees in a tropical forest? Is it the seed size? Perhaps seed-hungry animals? And what happens to forests that are being drastically changed by humans? Smithsonian...

Summer in a Sub with Carole Baldwin

Close up photo of the hand of a scientist adjusting levers in the Curasub, a research submersible with robotic arms.
Smithsonian scientist Dr. Carole Baldwin gives a tour of the deep ocean from the Curasub, a research submersible with robotic arms that can pluck organisms from the sea floor 300 meters (100 feet)...

Island Biodiversity Webcast with Torben Rick

Maggy Benson and archeologist Dr. Torben Rick at table with marine invertebrates in containers.  He is holding a fossil rock.
In this video, archaeologist Dr. Torben Rick talks about the impacts early inhabitants of North America had on island and coastal ecosystems.

Discovering New Mammal Species Webcast with Kristofer Helgen

Woman in red shirt and man in blue shirt sitting at a table with binoculars and brown stuffed animals on it.
In this video, zoologist Dr. Kris Helgen shares some of the new mammal discoveries he has made.


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