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Reefs Unleashed

Welcome to Bali! In this activity you will follow the work of Smithsonian marine biologists who document the extreme diversity of life in our planet's oceans. Watch biologist Nancy Knowlton explain how and why she and her colleagues do this important work. Then get started! 


Smithsonian Genome Exhibit Unlocks 21st Century Science of Life

Human Genome exhibit developer Meg Rivers explaining the project while standing in front of a manikin and other exhibit items
A new exhibit at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History in Washington celebrates two scientific milestones: The 10th anniversary of the completion of the human genome project, the first...

Forensic Ornithology Webcast with Carla Dove

Ornithologist Dr. Carla Dove and Maggy Benson at a table that bird specimens on it. She is holding a feather with her glove
In this video, ornithologist Dr. Carla Dove reveals what bird remains can tell you about airplane strikes.
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