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Lactophrys trigonus
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Silky Shark

Carcharhinus falciformis

Submarine Volcanoes and Hydrothermal Vents

black & white video of steam or hot and mineral-rich fluids from the seafloor coming from a hydrothermal vent
Recent scientific discoveries have revealed an underwater community of marine animals and other organisms that thrive in the dark depths of the ocean near hydrothermal vents and undersea volcanoes...

Ocean Portal- Lionfish on the Loose

A red Lionfish with white stripes swimming in Atlantic Ocean waters around some pink and green coral.
The majestic and highly predatory red lionfish (Pterois volitans), native to the Indo-Pacific, is invading Atlantic waters. The lionfish is a popular home aquarium species, and some were most likely...

Evolution of Whales Animation

Drawing of a dark colored prehistoric whale in green ocean water just below the surface.
Whales have existed for million of years. Watch this animation, from the Sant Ocean Hall , to see how they evolved from land-dwellers to the animals we know today. Discover more about whale evolution...

Hydrothermal Vent Creatures

Red tipped tubed worms and white crabs on coral in the deep ocean.
Travel to a world of perpetual night — the deep ocean hydrothermal vents near the Galapagos Rift where life thrives around superheated water spewing from deep inside the Earth. Discovered only in...

Measuring Biodiversity Webcast with Chris Meyer

Maggy Benson and marine biologist Dr. Chris Meyer at table with sea animal shells. The backdrop is of a multicolor coral reef
In this video, marine biologist Dr. Chris Meyer explains the techniques he uses to measure biodiversity.

Global Change Webcast with Brian Huber

Maggy Benson and paleobiologist Dr. Brian Huber at table with fossils, tools, and containers. Backdrop of mountain scene.
In this video, paleobiologist Dr. Brian Huber explains why tiny organisms called foraminifera are great indicators of changes in global environmental conditions.

Ocean Biodiversity Webcast with Karen Osborn

Maggy Benson and zoologist Dr. Karen Osborn at table with marine invertebrates in containers. Backdrop is of ocean fish.
In this video, zoologist Dr. Karen Osborn explains how she discovers and names new species of marine invertebrates, such as acorn worms.

Summer in a Sub with Carole Baldwin

Close up photo of the hand of a scientist adjusting levers in the Curasub, a research submersible with robotic arms.
Smithsonian scientist Dr. Carole Baldwin gives a tour of the deep ocean from the Curasub, a research submersible with robotic arms that can pluck organisms from the sea floor 300 meters (100 feet)...


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