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Creating a Ceremonial Gut Parka (Sanightaaq) – A Yupik Tradition

Black and white shot with a solid background of a Yupik man and woman of Alaska wearing traditionally made parkas (sanightaaq)
The Yupik people of St. Lawrence Island, Alaska, traditionally made ceremonial parkas (sanightaaq) out of seal or walrus intestines. In this video, two Yupik women explain how the parkas were made...

Arctic Culture and Climate Webcast with Bill Fitzhugh

Maggy Benson and archaeologist Dr. Bill Fitzhugh at table with arctic fossils. Backdrop of is of a mountain scene.
In this video, archaeologist Dr. Bill Fitzhugh shares how people in the Arctic have coped with extreme conditions for thousands of years.

Stunning Creatures Beneath Arctic Ice

Blue Jellyfishon a dark black backround in the Arctic Ocean
Using an ROV (Remotely-Operated Vehicle) equipped with a high-definition video camera, scientists can observe the life that flourishes beneath the Arctic ice . On this expedition, they discovered...

Arctic Exploration

Overhead shot of the front of a ship going through broken ice in the Artic Ocean to map the seafloor.
New technology is making it possible for scientists to go where they’ve never gone before, the depths of the icy Arctic Ocean. By collecting organisms and mapping the seafloor, researchers can...

Across Atlantic Ice

Map of Europe in orange with a dotted line across the Atlantic showing that people reached North America 23,000 years ago.
The first people to reach North America came from Europe 23,000 years ago across the frozen North Atlantic Ocean. Dr. Dennis Stanford reviews the evidence. Video from Smithsonian National Museum of...


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