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Sperm Whale

Physeter macrocephalus

Ecosystem Change Webcast with Rusty Russell

Shot of Maggy Benson and Botany Collections Manager Rusty Russell at table with a blue cloth that has dried plant specimens.
In this video, Rusty Russell explains how plant collections can be used to understand change over time.

Cerro Ballena 3D Scanning

Men using laser scanner and other equipment to study whale skeleton stretching out on the ground inside huge, grayish field tent
From left, Adam Metallo and Vince Rossi from the Smithsonian's Digitization Program Office 3-D Lab a use high-resolution laser arm and medium-range laser scanners to document one of the most complete...

Rafinesque’s Drawings of Tortoises, 1818

Old, bound field book open to pages with drawings of turtles, top and bottom, and difficult-to-read text in script.
Constantine Samuel Rafinesque was a Naturalist and Philologist born on October 22, 1783, in Constantinople. In the autumn of 1818 Rafinesque undertook a trip from Philadelphia to Kentucky, where he...

Fossil Whales Webcast with Nick Pyenson

Maggy Benson and paleontologist Dr. Nick Pyenson at a table with fossil whale skeletons He his holding a Walrus skull fossil.
In this video, paleontologist Dr. Nick Pyenson explains how fossil whales reveal environments of the past.
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