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My Three Years as a Science Intern with YES!

At age 14, I was already skinning a small desert rodent and a panther at the National Museum of Natural History. I gave my first tour of the Museum's mammals collection to a group of college students, even though I was only in ninth grade. At 15, I was working on molecular biology with the Museum's Botany Department....Read more
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YES! interns Melissa (left) and Tho prepare rodents in the mammal collection during Melissa’s first year in the program. Photo from Smithsonian Institution.

My Journey to Becoming a Paleontologist

Many students in high school apply to the YES! program, but only a few are given the opportunity to enter. When I first heard of the YES! program, I was told that it was being held in a Smithsonian museum and it revolved around science. The word science is what caught my attention. I am interested in studying paleontology and I believe this program is the first step to achieving my goal....Read more
Tags: teens
YES! interns Aldair (left) and Maria take the fossil cart through the museum. Photo by Smithsonian Institution.
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