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Webcast Extra: More Answers to Your Questions About Birds

by Maggy Benson -- Dec 17, 2014
Smithsonian's Maggy Benson

Maggy Benson manages the Q?rius distance-learning program and hosts the Museum's webcast series, Smithsonian Science How.

In this video, Dr. Helen James answers viewers' questions about modern bird extinctions

Welcome to the first “Smithsonian Science How” video blog!

If you tuned in to the Dec. 11, 2014 live webcast featuring Smithsonian ornithologist Dr. Helen James talking about bird extinctions, you know that the show’s awesome viewers from classrooms across the country were typing in questions fast and furiously. You might say the questions were flying! 

As it turns out, we received way more excellent questions than there was time for Dr. James to answer. Important questions like, “Are there any species of birds that humans have helped save?” So, we asked Dr. James to stick around after the show to videotape more answers that we could post here to help satisfy your curiosity about birds. 

Take a look at this new, five-minute video to get the answers to questions like, "What tools do you use to study fossil birds?,"  "What do you think will happen when all the birds go extinct?" and "Are birds related to dinosaurs?" Let us know what you think about this new feature by leaving us a comment below.

And if you watched the webcast let us know what you think about the program filling out a short survey. Your feedback helps us improve your experience!


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