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You may be parked next to your ancestors’ trash, such as these layers of oyster shells discarded by humans living in the Chesapeake Bay hundreds to thousands of years ago. Photo from Smithsonian Institution.
by Devin Reese -- Oct 14, 2014

Did Native Americans and other people who lived thousands of years ago influence the biodiversity...

Large hippo-like mammal forerunner ("Placerias") that lived, and died off, during the Triassic. National Park Service Image.
by Devin Reese -- Sep 15, 2015

The Jurassic witnessed a world populated by dinosaurs -- giant plant-eaters munching their way through ferns and conifer forests, while large...

Members of the 3D fossil whale team. Smithsonian photo NHB2014-00826 by James DiLoreto
by Devin Reese -- Jul 1, 2014

Want to see the largest 3D digital print of a fossil ever made? It’s a 20 x 8 foot print of a whale skeleton hanging in...

This meteorite piece from an ancient asteroid contains valuable crystals and metals. Smithsonian image 6474.
by Devin Reese -- Jun 9, 2015

Meteorites may conjure images of giant rocks smashing into towns. In fact, meteorites rarely hit people and regularly bring valuable materials to...

Ghost-like octopod of an unknown species discovered on the seafloor of the Pacific Ocean more than 4,000 meters down during a research cruise. Photo from NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research, Hohonu Moana 2016.
by Devin Reese -- May 31, 2017

Most familiar “octopods” (general term for octopuses and their close relatives)...

Colorful shells of forams on a coral reef. Image by Pamela Hallock, University of South Florida
by Devin Reese -- Jan 21, 2015

If you haven’t seen foraminifera yet, no need to feel left out. Most people haven’t seen a...

The red paper lantern jellyfish, a strikingly beautiful animal in the web of midwater ocean life. Photo by Karen Osborn, Smithsonian Institution.
by Devin Reese -- Mar 16, 2015

When we think about the ocean, we may visualize sea turtles swimming around coral reefs, sea urchins anchored in tidepools, dolphins breaching the...

Late Cretaceous scene. Depiction by Mary Parrish, Smithsonian.
by Devin Reese -- Sep 10, 2014

We’ve all fantasized about living in a world where dinosaurs roam the Earth, a place like Jurassic Park, rife with the perils and excitement of...

Scientists finding a meteorite in Antarctica. Photo by Katherine Joy, University of Manchester, Antarctic Search for Meteorites Program.
by Devin Reese -- May 31, 2016

Who would think that a rock found in remote, freezing Antarctica, could be useful for studying Mars? In fact, teams of geologists congregate in...

Wearing blue gloves, Juan Pablo Hurtado Padilla puts a sample into the tray of a scanning electron microscope.
by Dan Kulpinski -- May 21, 2018

In this video, Microscopy Educator Juan Pablo Hurtado Padilla talks about microscopes, what he likes about his job, and how to find a career you like.


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