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This view through a microscope reveals details of Micrasterias, or green alga, which along with its kin produces about half of the oxygen you breathe! Visitors can prepare their own microscope slides and zoom in on the world of algae in Q?rius on Nov. 26.
by Jasmine Utsey -- Oct 31, 2014

What do slime, 3D printing, and hydrothermal vents have in common? They’re all coming to Q?rius in November! Meet scientists and experts as they...

A crab sits entangled in a nylon net. Join us for Lessons From Our Lives With Plastic, a presentation and discussion on Oct. 21. Photo from NOAA.
by Jasmine Utsey -- Oct 1, 2014

Fossils, oceans, and genome geeks — October is jam-packed with events for science fans of all kinds. Come geek out with us!


This fossil Triceratops skull was found in Montana. Photo from Smithsonian Institution.
by Amy Bolton -- Sep 25, 2014

Fossils can help us imagine things from the past we cannot see in front of us.  They can tell us how an ancient plant or animal lived or moved,...

Origami passenger pigeons flock together in Q?rius. Photo by Smithsonian Institution.
by Dan Kulpinski -- Jul 18, 2014

The last Passenger Pigeon died 100 years ago, on September 1, 1914. Now you can commemorate this famous fowl by folding an origami pattern and displaying it in your home or office. Come to Q?rius on the ground floor of the Museum on weekends and fold your own for free. Learn how to download your own origami pattern and get details about several Passenger Pigeon exhibits.

Marine scientist and author Stephen Palumbi and his son Anthony will show some short films and sign their new book, August 10. Photo courtesy of Stephen Palumbi.
by Dan Kulpinski -- Aug 1, 2014

We’re offering a diverse lineup of events this month, including some films, a few ocean-related events, and one about fungi.

All events are...

NSTA members crowd the Collections Zone to examine the some of the 6,000 objects in Q?rius. Photo by Smithsonian Institution.
by Dan Kulpinski -- Jul 29, 2014

The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) members who came to the Q?rius open house July 18 were like kids in a candy store. They peered...

Male fox moth (Macrothylacia rubi) with a magnificent set of antennae. Photo by Biopix, via EOL, CC-BY-NC
by Devin Reese -- Jul 24, 2014

Browsing through moths in the Q?rius Collections at the National Museum of Natural History during...


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