Biocubes in Action

Biocube deployed on a bed of mussels next to the ocean.

Biocube deployed on a bed of mussels. Photo by David Liittschwager.

Watch photographer David Liittschwager and his team deploy a biocube in six of the world’s most charismatic ecosystems. He documents biodiversity hundreds of feet up in the canopy of a rainforest of Costa Rica, and in a free flowing, freshwater river in central Tennessee. From the coral reef crest ringing a remote volcanic island in the South Pacific, to the endemic communities underfoot in the rich scrublands of South Africa, get inspired to discover how much life you can find in one cubic foot!

Watch videos of biocubes around the world:

Monteverde Cloud Forest

Cloud Forest, Costa Rica
Central Park, New York

Central Park, N.Y.
Duck River, Tennessee

Duck River, Tenn.
Moorea, Indonesia

Moorea, French Polynesia
Photo of biocube near Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, Calif.
Photo of biocube in Fynbos Shrubland, South Africa

Fynbos Shrubland, South Africa

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