Live from Q?rius: Science Webcasts

Smithsonian scientists review a map while working in the field on a paleontological dig
The cutting-edge research of Smithsonian scientists working in the field and their labs provides a compelling foundation for each "Smithsonian Science How?" webcast. Smithsonian photo by David Price.

Bring Q?rius into your classroom with Smithsonian Science How?,  a new way to tap into the National Museum of Natural History.

Join live webcasts that feature Smithsonian experts who examine bones and artifacts that are millions-of-years old, piece together forensic anthropology mysteries, and dive into coral reefs. Your students will see how scientists and other experts use tools and technology in their work, and how the science is connected to them. 

Smithsonian Science How? delivers real-world science into classrooms through free, interactive, live webcasts and supporting classroom resources. The 25-minute programs feature the research and personalities of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, providing your students with positive STEM role models, information about science careers and pathways, and connections to current research. Through Smithsonian Science How? webcasts, your students will also:

  • Learn from Smithsonian science experts
  • Explore career pathways
  • Discover new resources and activities
  • Learn science concepts and their real-world connections




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