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What is a Field Book?

A digital Field Book is a way to record and save your Q?rius discoveries. Create a personal Field Book here or when you visit the Q?rius learning lab. Add objects and media and make notes in your Field Book. Create projects to organize your favorite content. Then share with your friends via social media.

Field Books are free. To create your own Field Book you must be at least 13 years old. All you need is a username, password, and your email address.

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How Do Researchers Use Field Books?

Scientists use field notebooks during expeditions to record their observations. The books hold valuable data about specimens, terrain, and weather that isn't recorded anywhere else.


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Alien Planet Challenge

Decoding Mars

Mars, our nearest planetary neighbor in space, is a tantalizing puzzle. It’s so close to us, but it looks so different. Earliest images show a red, desert surface--nothing is living there, seemingly nothing is moving there. Recent technological advances and discoveries--made through geological studies of meteorites, satellite images, and rover explorations on Mars’ surface--reveal a much more complicated, and intriguing story. In this activity, you will be challenged to look at geologic patterns on Earth, including microscopic patterns in thin sections, earth formation patterns in outcrops or roadcuts, and large-scale feature patterns in satellite images. As you advance through each level of training, you will gain skills to prepare you for the ultimate challenge: Decoding Mars. Credit: W.S. MacKenzie and A.E. Adams, 2011