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Photo of mountains of South China in the  background with fields in the foreground.

Survivors of a Changing Environment

In what type of environment did early humans evolve? Was it the African savanna? Dr. Rick Potts talks about his research on early human adaptability to environmental ...

Shot of Maggy Benson and Forensic Anthropologist Kari Bruwelheide holding a human leg bone in front of a sky backdrop.

Forensic Anthropology Webcast with Kari Bruwelheide

For Smithsonian forensic anthropologist and “Museum CSI” Kari Bruwelheide, every bone tells a story – sometimes a grisly one. Learn how she examines human skeletal...

Maggy Benson and invertebrate zoologist Dr. Carole Baldwin at table with jars of sea animal specimens. Backdrop of ocean fish

Deep Reefs Webcast with Carole Baldwin

Meet marine biologist Carole Baldwin and learn how she studies fish diversity on coral reefs at depths of 200-1,000 feet. Find out what new species she has discovered....

Ornithologist Dr. Carla Dove and Maggy Benson at a table that bird specimens on it. She is holding a feather with her glove

Forensic Ornithology Webcast with Carla Dove

What happens when birds and airplanes collide? Ornithologist Carla Dove shares how the Feather Identification Lab helps make us safer on planes.

Dr. Carla Dove is...

Maggy Benson and marine biologist Dr. Chris Meyer at table with sea animal shells. The backdrop is of a multicolor coral reef

Measuring Biodiversity Webcast with Chris Meyer

Dr. Christopher Meyer is a marine biologist at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. Join him in peering into the diversity of life on coral reefs and...

Dan Babbitt of the Insect Zoo and Maggy Benson at a table that has insects in containers. He is holding a jungle nymph insect

Arthropod Adaptations Webcast with Dan Babbitt

Discover the survival secrets of insects and other arthropods. Dan Babbitt, manager of the Museum's O. Orkin Insect Zoo, brings a few of his favorite segmented friends...

Maggy Benson and paleobotanist Dr. Scott Wing at table with fossil plants. He is holding a mobile GPS device. Plant backdrop.

Past and Present Climate Change Webcast with Scott Wing

Meet Dr. Scott Wing, a paleobotanist at the National Museum of Natural History. See what he found in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming that was worth eleven years of searching...

Maggy Benson and anthropologist Dr. Briana Pobiner at a table that has human fossils on it. Dr. Pobiner is holding a skull.

Early Human Diets Webcast with Briana Pobiner

Dr. Briana Pobiner is an Anthropologist at the National Museum of Natural History. Join her in the discovery of fossil evidence of some of the earliest humans on Earth....

Maggy Benson and geologist Dr. Elizabeth Cottrell at table with volcanic rocks and ash. Cottrell holding a seltzer water bottle

Volcano Geochemistry Webcast with Elizabeth Cottrell

For Smithsonian geologist Elizabeth Cottrell, volcanoes are a window into the Earth's interior. See how she uses chemistry to interpret the evidence from volcanoes about...

Closeup of Dr. Scott Wing in a purple shirt in front of outdoor stairs.

Scott Wing Explaining the PETM

Dr. Scott Wing reveals the dramatic changes in vegetation that took place during the warming event called the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM) that began 56 million...

A drawing showing Arctic ice change in white on a blue and green map of the world.Based on NOAA testing.

Arctic Sea Ice Changes

As Arctic temperatures rise, sea ice melts. Arctic sea ice is projected to decline dramatically over the 21st century, with little late summer sea ice remaining by the...

Closeup of a row of shells that Dr. Brian Huber is studying.

Brian Huber's Research on Foraminifera

Snapshot of Dr. Brian Huber at work, studying foraminifera (forams). Brian explains how understanding past climate change, with forams as indicators, provides useful...

A woman in a red shirt and man in a black shirt sitting at a table with plant and animal fossils. He is holding a fossil.

Solving the Dinosaur Mystery Webcast with Kirk Johnson

What caused the large dinosaurs to go extinct? Join Dr. Kirk Johnson, a paleobotanist and Sant Director of the National Museum of Natural History, as he explores the...

Black and white shot with a solid background of a Yupik man and woman of Alaska wearing traditionally made parkas (sanightaaq)

Creating a Ceremonial Gut Parka (Sanightaaq) – A Yupik Tradition

The Yupik people of St. Lawrence Island, Alaska, traditionally made ceremonial parkas (sanightaaq) out of seal or walrus intestines. In this video, two Yupik women explain...

Closeup of students observing life in a biocube in the brush, One of them is taking notes.

Observing Life in a Biocube

Learn how to build your observation skills. Find out how to take notes on what's happening in a biocube.

Learn more about how to use...

Closeup of 1 male and 2 female students collecting the plant contents of a biocube in the brush. Two others standing behind.

Collecting the Contents of the Cube

Getting it out. Find out how to collect all the living things from a biocube.

Learn more about how to use biocubes.

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