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Two women sitting at a table in front of a tropical forest backdrop. There are cards and other printed materials on the table.

Sustaining Linguistic Diversity Webcast with Gabriela Pérez Báez

In this video, Smithsonian linguist Dr. Gabriela Pérez Báez discusses language diversity, endangerment, and revitalization.

Maggy Benson holds up a model of a giant squid’s eye in front of her head, while zoologist Mike Vecchione sits next to her.

Octopods and Squids Webcast with Mike Vecchione

In this video, zoologist Dr. Mike Vecchione describes octopods and squids that have been discovered in the deep ocean, and the tools used to make deep-sea discoveries.

Maggy Benson and physical anthropologist Dr. Sabrina Sholts at table with a skull, bones, a small skeleton, and pottery.

How Bones Reveal Environmental Health Webcast with Sabrina Sholts

In this video, physical anthropologist Dr. Sabrina Sholts explains how the environment leaves its mark on bones.