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Ornithologist Dr. Carla Dove and Maggy Benson at a table that bird specimens on it. She is holding a feather with her glove

Forensic Ornithology Webcast with Carla Dove

In this video, ornithologist Dr. Carla Dove reveals what bird remains can tell you about airplane strikes.

Woman in red shirt and man in blue shirt sitting at a table with binoculars and brown stuffed animals on it.

Discovering New Mammal Species Webcast with Kristofer Helgen

In this video, zoologist Dr. Kris Helgen shares some of the new mammal discoveries he has made.

Two women sit at a table with a blue tablecloth and glass specimen jars on it. The woman on the right has her hands palms-up.

Parasites and Hosts Webcast with Anna Phillips

In this video, zoologist Dr. Anna Phillips shares the importance of parasites and how they relate to their hosts.

Maggy Benson and marine biologist Dr. Chris Meyer at table with sea animal shells. The backdrop is of a multicolor coral reef

Measuring Biodiversity Webcast with Chris Meyer

In this video, marine biologist Dr. Chris Meyer explains the techniques he uses to measure biodiversity.

Maggy Benson and zoologist Dr. Karen Osborn at table with marine invertebrates in containers. Backdrop is of ocean fish.

Ocean Biodiversity Webcast with Karen Osborn

In this video, zoologist Dr. Karen Osborn explains how she discovers and names new species of marine invertebrates, such as acorn worms.

Woman in a teal blue shirt, looking left, and sitting in front of a background of large, green foliage.

Trap-Jaw Spiders Webcast with Hannah Wood

In this video, entomologist Dr. Hannah Wood explains how she studies tiny trap-jaw spiders, and how they hunt for prey.

Maggy Benson and paleobiologist Dr. Brian Huber at table with fossils, tools, and containers. Backdrop of mountain scene.

Global Change Webcast with Brian Huber

In this video, paleobiologist Dr. Brian Huber explains why tiny organisms called foraminifera are great indicators of changes in global environmental conditions.

Maggy Benson and paleontologist Dr. Hans Sues at a table that has rocks, and a tool on it.  The backdrop is of a mountain.

Dinosaur Rise Webcast with Hans Sues

In this video, paleontologist Dr. Hans Sues explains how dinosaurs rose to prominence after a mass extinction event 200 million years ago.

A woman in a red shirt and man in a black shirt sitting at a table with plant and animal fossils. He is holding a fossil.

Solving the Dinosaur Mystery Webcast with Kirk Johnson

In this video, Dr. Kirk Johnson explains evidence for what happened during the mass extinction event 66 million years ago.

Maggy Benson and paleobotanist Dr. Scott Wing at table with fossil plants. He is holding a mobile GPS device. Plant backdrop.

Past and Present Climate Change Webcast with Scott Wing

In this video, paleobotanist Dr. Scott Wing reveals evidence for changes in plant communities during a distinct global warming event about 56 million years ago.

Maggy Benson and paleontologist Dr. Nick Pyenson at a table with fossil whale skeletons He his holding a Walrus skull fossil.

Fossil Whales Webcast with Nick Pyenson

In this video, paleontologist Dr. Nick Pyenson explains how fossil whales reveal environments of the past.

Maggy Benson and paleontologist Dr. Matthew Carrano at table with fossils in divided containers. He holds a dinosaur fossil.

Tiny Fossils and Big Dinosaurs Webcast with Matthew Carrano

In this video, paleontologist Dr. Matthew Carrano shares what tiny fossils can reveal that complete, large dinosaur skeletons may not.

A woman in a yellow shirt and a man in a plaid shirt sit at a table with antlers and other objects on it.

Marine Fossils and Extinction Webcast with Gene Hunt

In this video, paleontologist Dr. Gene Hunt explains how he uses fossils to study a marine extinction mystery.

Maggy Benson and archaeologist Dr. Bill Fitzhugh at table with arctic fossils. Backdrop of is of a mountain scene.

Arctic Culture and Climate Webcast with Bill Fitzhugh

In this video, archaeologist Dr. Bill Fitzhugh shares how people in the Arctic have coped with extreme conditions for thousands of years.

Torsten Dikow sitting at a table, gesturing at boxes of pinned fly specimens on the table. Host Maggy Benson is next to him.

Assassin Flies Webcast with Torsten Dikow

In this video, entomologist Torsten Dikow discusses the evolution, biodiversity, and behavior of assassin flies. 

Two women sitting at a table with large seashells and boxes of small snail shells on it.

Extinction of Freshwater Snails with Ellen Strong

In this video, zoologist Ellen Strong explains the roles freshwater snails play in ecosystems, and how human activities put them at risk.