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Black and white shot with a solid background of a Yupik man and woman of Alaska wearing traditionally made parkas (sanightaaq)

Creating a Ceremonial Gut Parka (Sanightaaq) – A Yupik Tradition

The Yupik people of St. Lawrence Island, Alaska, traditionally made ceremonial parkas (sanightaaq) out of seal or walrus intestines. In this video, two Yupik women explain...

Closeup of students observing life in a biocube in the brush, One of them is taking notes.

Observing Life in a Biocube

Learn how to build your observation skills. Find out how to take notes on what's happening in a biocube.

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Wide shot of girl student in a area with lots of green brush collecting Motile (moving) animal specimens that were in a biocube.

Collecting Motile Biocube Specimens

Catch those critters. See how to collect motile (moving) animals from your biocube.

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Closeup of 1 male and 2 female students collecting the plant contents of a biocube in the brush. Two others standing behind.

Collecting the Contents of the Cube

Getting it out. Find out how to collect all the living things from a biocube.

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Close-up of girl with white shirt and glasses looking at a catalog book of photos of plants and animals found in a biocube.

Building a Biocube Species List

Catalog the biodiversity you found in the biocube. Find out how to create a species list for what you discovered.

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medium shot of female student with a bee in her hand returning it to a wild area with green brush.

Returning the Specimens

Let your specimens go. Find out the responsible way to return living specimens to the wild.

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Closeup of girl’s hands holding a digital camera to take a photo of a insect in a small white plastic specimen container.

Photographing and Illustrating the Biocube Specimens

See how to use photographs and illustrations to document all the life you collected in the biocube.

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Maggy Benson and ornithologist Helen James at a table that has specimens and fossils of birds on it. A green plant backdrop.

Bird Extinction Webcast with Helen James

How did the once abundant passenger pigeon go extinct? Join Smithsonian ornithologist Helen James in analyzing the passenger pigeon’s disappearance and consider what...

A Woman holding a meteorite in the Q?rius science education center.

What Is the Q?rius Experience?

Watch an introduction to Q?rius, The Coralyn W. Whitney Science Education Center at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History.

Helen James in striped shirt in front of display with bird bones.

Helen James - Meet the Scientist

Helen James is a Curator in the Division of Birds at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History. Helen is an adventurer who explores Hawaiian caves in search of...

Four teenagers in red polo shirts stand at a table presenting a science project.

YES! Internship Program Graduation 2014

Watch the 2014 YES! teen interns present interactive science activities they developed.

Closeup of the hands of two girl students building a biocube outside in the field and trees.

Building a Biocube

Building the Cube: It's easy to build a biocube. Find out what materials you need and how to put one together.

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Closeup of the hands of students finding a spot to place a biocube in the wetlands water. Brush and other plants around it.

Selecting the Spot and Placing a Biocube

Selecting a spot is interesting. Find out how to choose your spot and deploy your biocube.

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Maggy Benson and paleontologist Dr. Nick Pyenson at a table with fossil whale skeletons He his holding a Walrus skull fossil.

Fossil Whales Webcast with Nick Pyenson

Dr. Nick Pyenson is a paleontologist at the National Museum of Natural History. Join him in uncovering fossil whales in Panama, Canada, and Chile. Probe into the...

A woman in a yellow shirt and a man in a plaid shirt sit at a table with antlers and other objects on it.

Marine Fossils and Extinction Webcast with Gene Hunt

What makes a species likely to go extinct? Meet paleontologist Gene Hunt, and learn how he studies fossils of tiny ocean animals called ostracodes. See how he tests the...

Woman in red shirt and man in blue shirt sitting at a table with binoculars and brown stuffed animals on it.

Discovering New Mammal Species Webcast with Kristofer Helgen

Did you know that we are still finding and naming new mammals around the world? Meet zoologist Kristofer Helgen, who has discovered about 100 mammal species. Learn how he...