Staff of the Insect Zoo and Butterfly Pavilion

Educators and Technicians
Group shot of nine members of the staff of the insect zoo standing inside the butterfly pavilion room.
Staff (left to right): Lauren Tuzzolino, Lisa Porter, Chris Mooney, Jessica Grant, Arthur Earle, Rosa Pineda, Dan Babbitt, Eric Wenzel, Anne Jones. Photo by Rosa Pineda, Smithsonian.

Dedicated staff provide daily animal and plant care and upkeep of the exhibition, engage visitors on relevant topics, and create educational materials and programs related to these two exhibitions. A few current Lepidoptera-related projects include breeding Giant Silk moths, such as Atlas moths, African Moon moths, and Cecropia moths of the Saturniidae family; developing programs that discuss conservation and our role, and photographing the live collections. Staff also work closely with Smithsonian Gardens to acquire appropriate food sources for the insects from leaves of plants and trees, since plants and insects rely on each other and work together in different ways.