Geologist and Curator of Antarctic Meteorites

Close-up shot of geologist Dr. Catherine (Cari) Corrigan in an orange parka, ski glasses, and ski cap in Antarctica.
Dr. Catherine (Cari) Corrigan has been to Antarctica twice to hunt for meteorites. Photo from Smithsonian Institution.

Dr. Catherine (Cari) Corrigan is a geologist and the Curator of Antarctic Meteorites at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History. She studies meteorites from the Moon, Mars and asteroids in order to understand how the Solar System, particularly the rocky planets, formed and to learn how the impact cratering process affects these planetary materials. Cari is also involved in the Mars Exploration Rover project, processing images that come down from the Opportunity Rover. She has been to Antarctica twice to collect meteorites with the Antarctic Search for Meteorites program (ANSMET) and would go back again in a heartbeat!