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Past and Present Climate Change Webcast with Scott Wing

Maggy Benson and paleobotanist Dr. Scott Wing at table with fossil plants. He is holding a mobile GPS device. Plant backdrop.
Meet Dr. Scott Wing, a paleobotanist at the National Museum of Natural History. See what he found in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming that was worth eleven years of searching. Join him in interpreting...

Early Human Diets Webcast with Briana Pobiner

Maggy Benson and anthropologist Dr. Briana Pobiner at a table that has human fossils on it. Dr. Pobiner is holding a skull.
Dr. Briana Pobiner is an Anthropologist at the National Museum of Natural History. Join her in the discovery of fossil evidence of some of the earliest humans on Earth. Share her excitement about...
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Fossil Hexacoral

Chomatoseris orbulites
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Orbitolites complanata