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Submarine Volcanoes and Hydrothermal Vents

black & white video of steam or hot and mineral-rich fluids from the seafloor coming from a hydrothermal vent
Recent scientific discoveries have revealed an underwater community of marine animals and other organisms that thrive in the dark depths of the ocean near hydrothermal vents and undersea volcanoes...
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Weathered rhyolite ash and specular hematite

Weathered rhyolite ash and specular hematite

Volcano Geochemistry Webcast with Elizabeth Cottrell

Maggy Benson and geologist Dr. Elizabeth Cottrell at table with volcanic rocks and ash. Cottrell holding a seltzer water bottle
For Smithsonian geologist Elizabeth Cottrell, volcanoes are a window into the Earth's interior. See how she uses chemistry to interpret the evidence from volcanoes about what happens beneath the...

What Is Volcanic Ash, Anyway?

Brown tinted film shot of ash coming out of an erupting volcano. Dr. Elizabeth Cottrell is explaining volcanic ash is.
That's not smoke billowing skyward from many an erupting volcano, it's volcanic ash – and it's not like the ash in your fireplace. Learn how it forms, why scientists call it "frozen hot magma," and...